What’s Wrong with Moffat?

I have a feeling that I am one of the rare few that is sad that Moffat is leaving.  I wish him all the best though.

I guess what I never understood is why so many do not like his writing style.  I thought that his time as showrunner was great.  I liked how all the season flow together, a continuation of each other.  He brought a lot of depth to the show that I never saw during RTD’s era.

Yeah, sorry to say that I never did like RTD’s style of writing.  Yes, yes, I’m a horrible person for saying that; but to me, it’s the truth.  Now, there were a few good stories and Donna was the best companion during that era.  I think that I just never really liked how he did each series.  With Rose, she was great in the beginning yet became pretty pointless towards the end of her run and I never saw the point of bringing her back – that was, to me, a bad plot point…and the constant references to her in Series 3 was overkill – the Doctor needed to learn to let go and move on.  He may have loved her; yet, to me, if you love someone and they are gone, then let go.  It’s healthier and, to me, it shows love in keeping them in your heart and knowing that they are well and safe and one can hope that he or she moves on as well.  It’s remembering that love that will keep that person alive.  However, you don’t have to treat others like their second best because of it.  Yeah, you’re sad; but you don’t need to take it out on others.  I always thought that RTD had really clingy issues with this pair that borderlined obsession to me.

With Martha, I liked her but her run was constantly her being compared to Rose and pretty much told that she was worthless.  No one should be treated like that no matter what the other person had gone through – Martha did not deserve that, and the Doctor was wrong for treating her like that.  That made me start not to like him.

I love Donna, the first companion of RTD’s that I liked (I also love Jack Harkness).  But he DID NOT have to do what he did to her.  There was no need to take her memory – he could have came up with something to save her or just not have it happen and found another way to stop the Daleks.  This is another sore point.

The specials were okay – can’t really complain.

Now to Moffat.  He seemed to bring everything more alive to me.  Yes, the Doctor could still be clingy to his companions; yet, he was willing to let them live their lives and let them join him whenever they wanted.  Oh, RTD could have done that too during his tenure…but he didn’t.  Though, I have to give him credit for giving many of them a good life after the Doctor.

Oh, it’s just all complicated in my head.  But in the end, CHANGE IS A PART OF IT ALL.  No one is going to like things a showrunner does; but guess what?  It is what makes Doctor Who unique.  No one can stop change – either go with it or stop watching.  No one is going to be happy.


6 thoughts on “What’s Wrong with Moffat?

  1. theambivert123 says:

    I completely agree, I really liked moffat’s style of writing and how he linked everything together. I thought in series nine he was really clever and I enjoyed the episodes greatly. I am sad to see him leave but at the same time I can’t wait to see what this new director brings.

  2. Sableyes says:

    You are not the only sad one. I shall miss him too. Will be nice to see a new lead writer though, give Doctor Who a fresh exciting direction. 🙂

    I shall however miss Capaldi more. 😦

  3. We’ll have to wait and see about Capaldi. I would hate to see him leave so soon if the rumors prove true. But who knows – he may stick around for a bit after Moffat steps down.

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